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“We depend on reliable project partners”

Chocolats Halba is helping cocoa farmers in Ecuador to practice mixed agriculture instead of monoculture and plant high-value cocoa varieties. This will make planting more resistant and thus more productive, while at the same time improving long-term income generation for the smallholder farmer. Swisscontact has been implementing the “Finca” Project locally since 2015.

By late 2017, 245 smallholder cocoa farmers were involved in the project, and they had planted over 191,000 cocoa seedlings as well as 15,375 trees of other species. In an in-depth interview, Petra Heid, Head of Sustainability and Communication at Chocolats Halba, talks about the company’s commitment and collaboration with Swisscontact.

Ms. Heid, why is Chocolats Halba supporting cocoa farmers in Ecuador?
Petra Heid: The Finca Project connects business objectives with social and environmental concerns. This project is ensuring that we can procure high-quality cocoa from Ecuador over the long term. In Ecuador, the traditional “Nacional Arriba” variety is being taken over steadily by more robust varieties planted in monoculture. Finca is improving the ecosystem in cocoa plantings, increasing farmer incomes and strengthening cooperatives with which we have commercial partnerships.

What does Chocolats Halba gain from collaborating with a partner such as Swisscontact?
Petra Heid:  Chocolats Halba has launched sustainable planting projects in all producing countries from where it sources its cocoa. Since we cannot be everywhere all the time, we depend on competent and reliable partners; a local extension. We have found exactly this partner in Swisscontact. The Swisscontact experts are well connected, they know the local terrain, and provide valuable advice and organisational support on the ground. We would also like to highlight Swisscontact’s diligence in managing project funds.

What has been your experience collaborating on concept development?
Petra Heid:  Thanks to our experiences in Honduras, where we have been implementing a similar project since 2008, we were able to present a concept to Swisscontact with specific terms of reference. These terms of reference were implemented efficiently and with a high degree of flexibility.

What will be the main focus over the next two years?
Petra Heid:  Only after laying the foundation during the first two project years can Finca now take off – if only there weren’t any financing problems. Involvement of state authorities in supporting cocoa planting is by no means guaranteed. Together with Swisscontact, we are looking for additional donors to secure the financing of the cocoa seedlings.


What conditions in your opinion need to be met for such a project to continue during a subsequent phase or to be implemented someplace else?
Petra Heid:  Farmers must show real interest in agroforestry methods. Switching to this very demanding mixed agriculture approach requires time and effort. Furthermore, it will require dependable partners on the ground, sufficient funding and a stable political environment.


Swisscontact extends its heartfelt thanks to all donations and project contributions in 2017 (Donations of CHF 500.- or more).



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